Established in 1995 as a 100% Indonesian private owned company, PT. Bahtera Indoamplas Gemilang specializes in manufacturing Coated Abrasive products. Throughout the years, our market grew exponentially with an annual growth of 15%-20%. We first started out with a narrow scope of market - wooden industries - and eventually widened to accomodate sanding needs in metal, leather, ceramic and rubber industries. Our relentless determination allowed us to constantly thrive in innovating ideas to improve quality and generating new products to accomodate different markets. Successes blessed us as we continue to advance and being recognized by the global market. As of 2017, BIG Champion brand has secured a broad market throughout the world. Being an internationally trusted brand, BIG Champion is proud to be the premier in producing coated abrasive products in Indonesia.

In the abrasives market, BIG Champion abrasives quality sets the bar for our competitors. Our production plant utilizes German Machinery from Peter Scwhabe GmbH with the capability of producing 500,000 sqm of coated abrasive monthly. To ensure an efficient production with quality assurance, our staffs are highly trained professionals with years of qualified experience on the job. We import and use only the best raw materials from Europe to ensure consistency of our product's quality. Every step of our processess are subjected to inspection and carefully recorded to ensure everything is according to our Standard of Procedures (S.O.P). BIG Champion is proud to be Indonesia's first coated abrasive manufacturer that that has been independently assessed and accredited ISO 9001.